baking with a difference.  fresh. organic. SWEET!
A delicious blend of natural and  organic grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, & honey to fuel your workout & the work of  Students Run Philly Style!

Five flavors, three sizes, delicious, nutritious, always fresh.

Motley Fuel is made by SWEET! fresh. local. organic. SWEET!  215.287.1544
Up-Coming Events

Pick up a free sample at Hatfield Five & Dime Race, April 11, 2010

Join us at the 1st Annual Gener8tionRun - April 17, 2010

Pick up a free sample at the Broad Street Run Expo

Motley Fuel Bars are available at:

Philadelphhia Runner
Pumpkin Market
Wahner Chiropractic
The Bottom Line
HEY, We are famous!! (or at least better known) Click here.
Try new Tri-berry Bliss - Blueberries, cranberries, & cherries.  Bliss in bar form!
Fueling serious athletes from the bottom up!
Motley Minis make a great after school snack!